Winter 2018 Newsletter



Lighthouse Pediatrics now participates in a
program known as CHADIS. It will allow you
to share more information about your child’s
behavior and development in a secure,
convenient manner. You can register for
CHADIS by going to http://WWW.CHADIS.COM
and using the invitation code: 2394499882
which is our office phone number. This is
especially important for our patients between
2 months and 5 years of age and our children with ADD or ADHD. You will be reminded to go
online and complete the questionnaires when
you receive your appointment reminder. The
questionnaires take about 10-15 minutes and
it can be fun to see how much your child has


The American Academy of Pediatrics
recommends the flu vaccine for all children
6 months to 18 years of age. Children
are more prone to complications from
influenza. These complications can be as
mild as sinusitis or an ear infection or as
serious as respiratory failure or meningitis.

What is the “flu”?

Influenza (the “flu”) is a viral illness. It is not
the same as the “common cold” or a “stomach
virus.” Flu symptoms are often sudden and
many begin with high fever, body aches,
and headache. Runny nose is less common
with the flu. Vomiting and severe diarrhea
are not common flu symptoms. The flu does
not respond to antibiotics because it is not a
bacterial infection. The best way to treat the
flu is to treat the symptoms, make sure your
child drinks a lot of fluids and rests.

When is an illness more than a Cold?
Fevers are common in children, especially at
the beginning of an illness and are usually
accompanied by runny nose, congestion, and
cough. It’s a symptom of the body fighting
the illness (an immune response.) You need to
contact us if your child is less than 2 months
old, if the fever lasts more than 4 days, if the
fever appears several days after the illness
starts and most importantly, if your child
is cranky, very sleepy or just “not himself”
(regardless of the temperature). Remember
you can also contact us on the portal with
nonemergent concerns during office hours!

Office News

We are proud to announce that we are now
certified by the NCQA as a Level 3 PatientCentered
Medical Home (PCMH.)

We received this by meeting standards of
excellence in preventative and ongoing care
for our patients. We now have a Parent Advisory
Board that meets regularly to give us feedback
and suggestions to improve our practice.


Did you make a New Year’s resolution for you
or your family? Many people resolve to exercise
more. Find something that the entire family
enjoys! For younger children/babies, it may
mean a walk on the greenway. For school-age
kids, it may mean shooting hoops or trips to the
playground. And, for the reluctant teens, riding
bikes (with helmets, of course) or a family walk
on the beach. Whatever you choose, try to get
the family moving for
at least 30 minutes
daily. Stay tuned for
more ways to improve
your family’s health….
nutrition class dates to
be announced soon.

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